Wk 14- Art Experience- Sketching

13148110_1407084739317511_1571212810_o13105836_1407084699317515_44096802_o13113066_1407084705984181_1563211959_o13113245_1407084749317510_173197349_o13113190_1407084792650839_139122466_o13148335_1407084762650842_28933352_o13120455_1407084809317504_857126655_o13113323_1407084805984171_510866189_o13128997_1407084822650836_1562890517_o13128685_1407084812650837_281642854_o13147906_1407084842650834_1569950484_o13106528_1407084835984168_497775999_oFor this weeks art experience, we had to draw 6 sketches of contour and abstract drawing. I made 3 drawings that were trying to replicate what I saw and 3 that I used my imagination on. I am not the worlds best drawer so even thou it may see like these drawings were done quickly, it took me about 2 hours to draw the first 3. The last three were easier since they were drawn with what I wanted to be in it. I much preferred to draw the abstracts then the replicas because it allowed me to put my own spice into the drawings itself. As much as I do not enjoy drawing, it was fun to create scenes that were not possible to happen in reality like the expo marker and the calculator.


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