Wk 13- Art Experience-Care Package

This week for our art experience, we had to create a care package for one of our classmates. I got Crysta Tim. In my box, I decided to put items in that had a connection to me one way or another. The book is a copy of a Tale of two Cities. I was forced to read this book in high school but by the end of the novel, it became one of my favorite books of all time. The zip lock bag contains a simple circuit that I got from Wonder-con in Anaheim. The skateboard is is one of the toys in my little brothers collection of boards. I asked if he wanted to help me with my project and so he gave me this. And last, i inserted a business card to a toy shop. My parents own this store and is where I grew up. This experience made me relive some experiences by observing my past. I hope that Crysta feels the same way when making and receiving the package.


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