Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Page

For this weeks art experience, our art class participated in the Turning Pages activity. We all gathered near the art galleries and made our way towards the library. The goal of the activity was to observe what used to be, what is, and what will be. The library was the first place to observe. We all decided to make our way to the second floor and each pick up our own children’s book. Then we did something unexpected. We read. We all got our books and started reading in the lounging area next the computers. Then we began to read out loud and cause a bit of disturbance. After the library, we all made our way to the book store. this didn’t create much of a disturbance because we did what we were supposed to do. Finally, we finished off with a discussion.

Over all, it was an interesting experience. It was fun seeing people look at us oddly for reading books, which is what is suppose to be done in a library. Saying that the library doesn’t promote reading is a bit off. They do have floors where silence is encouraged. However, less and less space is given to reading and is now more focused on other topics. A Starbucks was built which took space from shelves. The computer lab did the same. In conclusion, this experience made everything feel so temporary. For what could exist now might not exist in a few years and be transformed entirely.


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