Wk 9 -Artist Conversation- William Brigham

Artist: William Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon 
Media: Wood, Metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website:  theartificery.com
Instagram: theartificery 

William Brigham is currently an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach will graduate this semester with a major in metals. During his free time, he enjoys to go out into his workshop and experiment with his metals. He has admitted to hurting himself many times during making his pieces. Since there are many possibilities for injury due to the high temperature equipment, it is no surprise that he has hurt himself many times. Brigham said ,in his words, it took him an “ungodly amount” of time to create the collective work.

Altered Carbon is a series of pieces that are made of wood and metals, more specifically cooper and brass. William Brigham spent most of his time doing a process called layering. This is where you simply layer one sheet over another and gradually cut the sheets to the desired shape. Many of his knives have patterns that resemble a feather . If you give the spherical sculpture a closer look from the side, the layering technique is definitely more noticeable. This can be seen in all of the sculptures but is harder to see. The color is directly from the various metals and the handles of the knives are made of wood and small pieces of metal.

Altered Carbon’s main goal, as said by William Brigham, is to “make cool stuff”. This seems like the purpose is to give the audience an awe emotion. After seeing the knives patterns, there are definitely few of these that could give that emotion. It also gives the impression that this heavy looking weapon also has a feather design making it an oxymoron. The rose sculpture also gives this seem vibe. A rose is normally light but when made of metal, becomes very heavy.

Overall, I very much enjoyed looking at William Brigham’s sculptures and found it amazing that these designs were made by simply layering sheets of metals. These definitely had the effect of “cool” on me since they were unique and intriguing. With that being said, I can give William Brigham my seal of approval and my utmost respect for Altered Carbon. To check out more of his cool pieces, you can find him at  theartificery.com and his Instagram at theartificery!




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