Mr. Spacey


My name is Frank Spacey, head of the Make America New Interplanetary Change committee in Congress and chief adviser to the President. Ever since the epidemic occurred, the public have been reacting far more irrationally than previous. Theft and mass murder seem to be common events that appear in the news. As a result, M.A.N.I.A.C. was created in order to subvert the public’s attention from the happenings that are currently taking place. We in the committee decided to invest ten trillion in the building of this moon base and sent as many citizens as we could to the “safe zone”. There have, however, been a few unaccounted factors affecting the further development of Moon Base Alpha. The virus induces hallucinations to the victim and may lead to further disruption the safety of our citizens. Patricia Sun, a former lifeguard, believes that once she stepped foot in the base, she gained super natural powers and is determined to use it for the greater good when in reality, she is simply jumping and yelling where ever she goes. Under my orders, she was sent to the prison chamber for her safety so that she may not endanger anyone else. She claims that I have stolen her purpose in life and she may be right, but if I had to choose between her and every one else on the planet, she would not come close. Steve Patrofksi is also a peculiar thing to watch. He has this odd idea that he was sent to this base to sell tacos. I am not sure whether he is infected by the virus or if he actually believed this before he got to the moon base. I have not tried his food myself and I recommend staying away from them because in a place where there are no cows, I don’t plan to find out what the meat in his tacos are made of. I am currently observing the base in my own chambers and still looking at the residents for any suspicious activity.  Andrew, who I believe may be responsible for the virus, continues to spitting gibberish out of his mouth and so we are unable to gain any real information out of the former scientist. We believe that if we are somehow able to decode what he is saying, the cure will finally be found. Styler Crook, former teacher, also seemed to be infected by a much larger margin then the other residents. She was our case study but somehow escaped our security team. We have our best members on her tracks and I am confident that she wont get too far. My opponent in my next election, Pepe Sanders, seems to find that my approach to this world danger “barbaric”. And to him, I say come at me. For when the next set of “random” spores releases and causes the next great panic to which they will look at their only hope for survival, they will be putty in my hands. Then who do you think they will trust?


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