Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Luis Arias

Artist: Luis Arias
Exhibition: The Weaving Machine 
Media: Woodworking, Weaving
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: Does not own
Instagram: Does not own

Luis Arias is currently an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach and will graduate this year with a major. He was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States after the U.S. invaded his home country. He enjoys to travel and yo-yo on his free time. He also stated that one of the reasons he does not want kids is because they would inhibit his ability to travel around the world and observe the art from different countries. One of the pictures depicted is a replica of a yo-yo he purchased at a store and decided to make a complete, larger copy. Although this is not a part of the exhibit, I felt the same enjoyment with this piece and the actual exhibit.

The Weaving Machine is a series of pieces that are made of wood and fabrics. Luis took a weaving class at his current university and when it ended, he wanted to continue weaving for his own artwork. So he built a loom from scratch using his own woodworking skills, as seen from the above pictures. All of the fabrics displayed are made using the custom made loom. The loom took him about 6 months to build and about 1 year to complete the entire set of artwork. The colors were chosen simply to test and play around with the combinations that were possible. The cube has patterns that reflect very nicely and cast a shadow on the opposite wall that is being shined on.

The Weaving Machine’s main goal, as said by Luis Arias himself, is to be unique. The Butterfly Shelf is something that cannot be found in any of the major stores like Ikea or Target and that is exactly what Arias wanted. The Cube is positioned between 3 stools. The reason for this odd number is because the legs of the chair that is holding up the Cube has 3 legs. The shadow that it casts also gives itself a pattern that has yet to be made as a fundamental part of a living room so if it Arias goal to make a piece unique, then I believe he has.

Overall, I enjoyed looking at the Luis Aries’s artwork and found it amazing that he built his own loom to create his own pieces. I have yet to see furniture with this kind of innovation at any major furniture stores and could definitely see myself putting some of these pieces in my very own home. With that being said, I can give Luis Aries my seal of approval and recommendation for The Weaving Machine. Unfortunately, Aries does not own an instagram or website but you can email him at luisarias22@hotmail.com.


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