Wk 6- Art Experience- Photo Walk

This week, I was able to join a group of peers to walk around and take pictures of special places that are located at Cal State Long Beach. Each monument was unique in their structure and how they interacted with their environment. I attempted to get each picture at an angle that represented them in a different light.



The eye of the tree is always watching 12768013_1343101422382510_257931029_o12772896_1343101722382480_1490331075_o12772933_1343101645715821_1277070399_o12773348_1343101412382511_408071572_o12773433_1343108352381817_1519442922_o12773462_1343106655715320_548862984_oFound this sweet duck at the fountain near Brotman hall12776650_1343108045715181_578038903_oPointed the camera upward to show the towering presents of the bell tower12776803_1343101669049152_1964610693_o12788636_1343101749049144_466883641_oJapanese dolls of the Japanese Gardens12787043_1343102835715702_904102342_o

This fish could eat a small squirrel 12787330_1343101942382458_1008739158_o

Found a Tiffany12787409_1343101862382466_923328815_o12787504_1343101789049140_87685121_o12787546_1343101375715848_1961251488_o12788466_1343101979049121_1467474072_oThese fish were like a group of birds in a flock12788515_1343101405715845_56829006_o12809920_1343101309049188_1193017857_oDuck is sleeping12788663_1343101329049186_3416747_o12788828_1343107699048549_477389984_oAngled it diagonally to portray the change that students constantly bring on campus12788928_1343108429048476_899527296_o12789650_1343101692382483_479799301_o12789842_1343101472382505_1212569155_o12789948_1343101389049180_1712730622_o12790211_1343107569048562_414609373_o12810432_1343101349049184_542000515_oShout out to @Duckoftheday for their inspiration  12810273_1343102282382424_1316358849_o12810205_1343107932381859_337907993_oThis is inside of the metal sculpture near the USU12810013_1343101902382462_445152166_o12810023_1343103349048984_1310944696_o12810097_1343101382382514_1746204555_o

I enjoyed this walk because it showed me all the sights that at missed at my college. Beauty can be found anywhere and the angle can really change the meaning of a portrait. I will definitely visit the Japanese gardens again and may find even more hidden beauties!


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