Wk 5- Artist Conversation-Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Various types of metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: Currently making one
Instagram: None

Andre Ritter has graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a major in metal. He has two sons that are 8 and 10, respectively. His interests include comic books, The Walking Dead, playing volleyball on the weekend, and going to see artwork in galleries on his free time. He has yet to get a job in his field but is in the process of set an art program at his sons elementary school. His goal is to transform the schools district from a STEM school to a STEAM school with more of a focus in art. His passion can be seen in the art that he shared in his exhibit.

There is no specific title for his pieces but there are definitely similarities between them. Andre Ritter’s art is mostly made of various types of metal. He stated that aluminum is the easiest metal to work with since it is very malleable. Steel is among the harder metals to work with so he had to take a blacksmith class in order to master this skill. His artwork focuses on various patterns in the metal. In the Lantern piece,  each small panel has a design that is unique to itself and casts a shadow that mimics the same pattern throughout the room. The head gear and arm band have these designs as well. The wall piece has designs that resemble gears to a clock. All of his art has a bronze color due to the material that he uses.

The inspiration that Andre Ritter had was from the tiki setting that is often found in exotic places. The Lantern piece depicts a dark and stormy evening in a jungle setting.The headgear also has a tiki inspiration with the colorful feathers and and the designs on the sides. As seen in movies and TV shows, this depiction can be seen all over media and his artwork really captures the essence of the movement. The wall piece’s design also resembles a tiki atmosphere. Many people claim that time goes slower in exotic places and when looking at this piece, the same experience is felt.

I have never been to an exotic place. But after seeing this exhibit, I felt that i have experienced some of the magic that one gets after traveling. I felt that the complicated designs around many of his pieces adds to the complexity that is Andre Ritter. There is a sense of travel in his artwork that would be very hard to replicate and I look forward to seeing more of his pieces. I therefore give Andre Ritter my seal of approval. He currently does not have and Instagram and is currently in the process of making a website


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