Wk 3- Artist Conversation-Andrew Fong


Artist: Andrew Fong
Exhibition: Fantasy Girl
Media: Wax
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: Afonggallery.weebly.com
Instagram: Afong9189

Andrew Fong is an artist that graduated from California State University of Long Beach and is now a credential student at the same college. He enjoys reading a good manga, playing video games, and watching movies. His end goal is becoming a teacher and spreading his artistic view to his students. He wants to inspire students just as he was with his ceramics teacher.

Fantasy Girl is miniature sculpture of a women designed to look like a video game character. Parts of her body are purposefully sexual such as her breasts and the clothes she wears.Her stance has her holding a sword behind her back. She is made of wax with a tactic called lost wax casting. It is a process that consists of making a mold out of molten metal that ends up being a wax model. Once it is made, the wax model is drained away. Andrew Fong says that it took him a total of one month to make using the lost wax casting system. The blue color that the sculpture has is due to light being able to pass through this wax color much more easily. There is a lot of groves that show the detail that can be seen on the clothes and shoes as well as her hair and face.

The objective of Fantasy Girl is to depict how women are seen in video games. This is seen by the large size of the breasts that are constantly seen in the gaming industry. He was inspired by multiple video game characters including Dead or Alive, which are known for having the same depiction of women. It seems as though this portrayal of women is a broader brush that encompasses all of society, including the video game niche. This is enforced by what Andrew Fong said was the social issue of this sculpture. He said that the way women were represented in video games was his inspiration.

As an observer, this piece of work made me realize that objectifying women is farther than I originally thought. After seeing this sculpture and looking at modern video games, it now becomes more apparent. I usually see this portrayal mainly in movies. But now it makes me wonder where else this objectifying occurs that I have not noticed. Overall, I really enjoyed this sculpture and the conversation I had with Andrew Fong. He was able to change the way I view the various cultures in society and I have confidence that he will be able to do the same with his students as a teacher.


2 thoughts on “Wk 3- Artist Conversation-Andrew Fong

    1. I described it the way Andrew Fong told me. I did consult Google while writing this to make sure I was correct. I understand how it could be confusing since the wax mold is what is drained away. I appreciate the feedback!


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